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The natural world is integral to who we are and what we do. We have a lot of appreciation for the outdoors and know that we share a responsibility to protect the world we live and adventure in.

Climate change is a source of uncertainty and anxiety for many of us. Over recent years we’ve all experienced unseasonal and increasingly volatile and extreme weather, which combined with the scientific evidence has motivated many of us to seek out how we can take action against the climate emergency.

Glenmore Lodge is committed to being an efficient and effective organisation that has a minimal impact on the environment and contributes positively to our communities, in order to help protect the environment and encourage responsible enjoyment of the outdoors

What does sustainability mean to us?

Sustainability is about considering the long term impact of our actions on people and the planet


Our partnerships

When we choose to partner with those who provide our kit, sustainability is a key consideration alongside performance


Working with others in the Outdoor Community

We work with local groups, NGBs, charities, and other organisations to support and encourage participation in the outdoors

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To figure out what we need to do, we have to think about what we imagine a sustainable Glenmore Lodge to look like.

Our Building

We want Glenmore Lodge itself to harness renewable sources of power and to be as energy efficient as we can make it. Our operations should avoid and minimise the use of fossil fuels, and be an example of best practice when it comes to responsible waste management.

Our Area

Situated within the Glenmore Forest Park and the Cairngorms National Park, our grounds should be naturally integrated with the vibrant and biodiverse forest ecosystems that surround us.

Our Training

Outdoor experiences should leave no trace, and we aim for our courses to inspire people to adventure in the natural world safely, responsibly, and sustainably. We should engage in conversations with the outdoor community about how we collaborate to achieve larger scale change.

Environmental Policy

As the effects of climate change threaten both the natural world and our ability to enjoy it, Glenmore Lodge is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations. Hotter summers, wilder winds, unusual rainfall patterns and unreliable snowfall in winter are impacting on the wildlife and habitats of the Cairngorms. It’s crucial that we all act now and learn to change our behaviour, so that people can still adventure in and appreciate these wild places in the future.

At Glenmore Lodge, we have long been passionate about the environment, and over the years we’ve made efforts to reduce our impact. We know that we aren’t perfect, but we want to take responsibility for our impact and work towards a more environmentally conscious way of doing things.

We’re going to achieve that by undertaking regular reviews of our policies and performance to ensure we’re adapting at a suitable pace to meet the expected standards of the National Outdoor Training Centre, and by working with staff, visitors, partners, community groups and national organisations to adopt best practice and share learning with others in the outdoor sector.

Energy & Heating

In 2011 we fitted solar panels to the roof of our main building, In 2012, a biomass boiler was installed to heat our main building, followed by a second in 2014 for heating the building that is home to our bike workshop, a classroom, and several offices.


For several years we have sought to implement best practice waste management by recycling comprehensively. Foodwaste is avoided producing the required amount to feed the number of people staying with us.

LED Lighting

In 2013, all corridor lighting was switched to energy efficient LED bulbs, and made motion-sensor activated so they’re only on when necessary. These bulbs were replaced in 2022.

Thinking Circular

When we have technical clothing or unneeded equipment and furniture, in the first instance we seek to rehome these items to those who need them.


The climate emergency cannot be solved by any one person or organisation, it requires all of us to play our part. Making Glenmore Lodge more sustainable is a responsibility shared by all staff

In April 2022, staff were surveyed for suggestions around how Glenmore Lodge could become more sustainable. The survey considered how we impact the environments in which our courses operate, our estate and the grounds that surround us, the wider world in which we live, our local community, and staff wellbeing. The responses were used to define short, medium, and long-term goals that would set us on a path to a more sustainable Glenmore Lodge. Below are some of the changes we’ve made this year, informed by staff and customer feedback.

Rab Self Service Centre

The Rab Self Service Centre where Glenmore Lodge staff and visitors can wash and reproof their technical garments to extend their lifespan.

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Reducing single use plastic

In order to cut down on single use plastic, we replaced the old packaging for our lunches with biodegradable alternatives and reduced the overall amount of packaging that we use.

Active Travel

In July and August, we ran a competition for staff to record how many kilometres they walked, ran, biked, and car-shared to and from work. After the two months, approximately 2,500km had been travelled by foot and bike rather than car!

Next Steps

We’re now in the process of developing a longer-term vision for how we achieve the sustainable Glenmore Lodge that we want to see in the future. We’re going to establish our baseline for evaluating our annual environmental management systems data, in order to target inefficiencies and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  

Though we’re excited to be developing our emissions reduction strategy, we’ve already got plans in the works for the next few years.

Next spring, we’ll be looking to change the way we maintain our grounds in line with the recommendations of our recently conducted biodiversity report. The Cairngorms are environmentally significant and home to protected species of flora and fauna that we hope to support.

To help us progress on our journey, we have plans for a more efficient heating system and additional solar panels on the roofs of our buildings. Alongside this, we’re hoping to see progress in our ongoing efforts to install Electric Vehicle charging points and will also be exploring charge points for E-bikes. Transitioning our fleet of vans from diesel to electric is going to take time, but this is a crucial change that we need to make in the years to come if we are to substantially reduce our emissions.   

Crucially, we want sustainability to be factored into our decision-making across all areas and a responsibility shared by all of us. This is how we move from sustainability being an ideal to something that is embedded in everything we do.

This is a journey we’re excited to be sharing with folks, and we’re always eager to hear constructive feedback from others who are passionate about the great outdoors. Please get in touch to learn more about our approach to sustainability and to let us know what we can be doing better.  

Biodiversity in the Cairngorms

Glenmore Lodge sits in the stunning and varied landscape of the Cairngorms. However our area has been impacted by human activity over the centuries, and now work is being done to restore habitats, species and ecological processes

Though the ancient woodlands, rivers, lochs, wetlands, and the arctic-like Cairngorm plateau on our doorstep are beautiful and home to creatures found in few parts of the UK. This is why it’s crucial that we have a minimal impact on the wild places that we’re operating in, and though our own grounds are a small part of this bigger picture, we’re committed to supporting the protection and revitalisation of Scotland’s natural world.

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