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Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Assessment – Lake District

Qualify LEVEL | 5 day(s) | Ratio 1:2 | From £945.00

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We are really excited to provide the first Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor course based in the Lake District.

Based from the Blencthra Field Studies Centre, Threlkeld, by Keswick. The centre offers superb classroom facilities to help support the delivery of this course. The course will be staffed by Glenmore Lodge’s most experienced Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor training & assessment staff, many with a long history and local knowledge of the climbing and scrambling on offer in the Lakes!

We will use many of the local venues around Borrowdale, Langdale, Dow and the Dudden Valley.

This course assesses Mountaineering Climbing Instructor candidates in the knowledge, techniques and skills required for instructing mountaineering. The course is run over 5 days to offer candidates a high-quality opportunity to demonstrate competency in all the syllabus areas, including personal summer multi-pitch rock climbing and teaching multi-pitch rock climbing and mountaineering skills. 


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We aim to provide candidates with a high-quality opportunity to demonstrate competency in all areas of the syllabus. To do this, over the first three days we will progressively assess personal mountaineering skills, multi-pitch rock climbing at VS 4c and problem solving. This will enable the candidates to teach multi-pitch climbing with students, providing a realistic context to observe teaching and learning skills, mountaineering instruction and rock-climbing instruction. Throughout the assessment we will provide opportunities for candidates to demonstrate the extensive knowledge base required of a mountaineering and climbing instructor. The final day of the assessment will provide an opportunity to demonstrate efficient navigation with a focus on teaching and learning skills required to coach summer mountain leaders.


Completed MCI training course

Current DLOG with evidence that fulfills the pre-requirement for assessment and your uploaded presentation for assessment.

A completed home paper

Current first aid certificate


The period between training and assessment varies in length for each person and it is recommended you allow a minimum of twelve months. The minimum DLOG experience that needs to be gained during the consolidation period is listed below, but it should be noted that most successful candidates will have far more than this.

The minimum requirements during this period are:

• 20 quality mountain days as a leader in sole charge of a mixed ability group.

• 20 rock climbing teaching DAYS with students.

• 20 multi-pitch climbs at VS 4c or above, a large proportion of which should be on mountain crags and major sea cliffs

• Familiarity with all aspects of the syllabus

• A valid first aid certificate

A panel of at least three assessors (including the course director) will be involved in deciding each candidate’s result.

As part of the assessment you will be expected to prepare, present and answer questions on a mountain related topic of your choice. Your presentation should be something of interest to expand the knowledge of the rest of the group and should be mountain related. It should not be, for example, what I did on my holidays!

This presentation should last no more than 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. We have access to a classroom with overhead projectors, white board and flip chart. If you require anything else, please ask prior to turning up for your assessment.

Please upload your presentation onto your DLOG in CMS in advance, or bring your own laptop, WE CANNOT USE MEMORY STICKS.


The programme below is provisional, the weather will dictate venue choice and assessment topics. The first three days can be swapped around and each day could involve assessment in any of the syllabus headings. The teaching climbing day with clients will be Thursday and cannot be moved. You have a home theory paper that can be downloaded below, completed and brought along to your assessment. It will be reviewed on Sunday evening.

1900 Sunday Evening:

Introductions and Review of Home paper Briefing for Monday

Monday: Mountain Day

This day is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability as a mountaineer (including technical and judgement skills). It will involve appropriate use of the rope to safeguard your peers.  Also includes navigational and route-finding skills. Environmental in-put and time keeping.

Tuesday: Taking people climbing day

Climbing on multi pitch routes at VS4c, use of appropriate rope techniques, safe belays. Abseil retreat from a crag. (Grade weather dependent) .

Wednesday: Problem solving and rescue skills

Solving problems commonly experienced in multi pitch climbing. Climbing VS 4c.

Thursday: Teaching Climbing

With two clients you will structure, organise and perform a teaching day appropriate to their abilities and aspirations. Venue is weather dependent but will be at a venue with multi-pitch options

Friday: NavigationDebrief and Results

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