Avalanche Information

Whether climbing, walking or skiing, in Scotland, the Alps or further afield, avalanche awareness is an important skill to increase your safety when enjoying the mountains.  There are an increasing number of resources available to the outdoor enthusiast. Below is just some information on courses, resources and information available in the UK.

gl-logo-smallGlenmore Lodge Avalanche Courses

We offer a range of avalanche and safety courses across the UK.  All our winter courses include elements of avalanche awareness but we also have courses specifically focused on avalanche issues. Course details are available here.

saisScottish Avalanche Information Service

Daily forecasts of the avalanche, snow, and mountain conditions at the 5 most popular areas of Scotland. If you witness an avalanche then please report it to SAIS.

be-aware-homepage1Be Avalanche Aware

This SAIS web resource outlines the decision-making process and the fundamental considerations of assessing avalanche hazards More information can be found at  Be Avalanche Aware.

_k8a0930Avalanche Transceiver Training Park

Glenmore Lodge is home to the world’s first permanent artificial avalanche transceiver training park. The park is specifically designed to help develop the avalanche transceiver skills of winter mountaineers and ski mountaineers of all abilities. Visit our dedicated Avalanche Transceiver Training Park page.

_k8a0979Glenmore Lodge Avalanche Training Research Paper

Glenmore Lodge undertook a 3 year study into the effectiveness of Transceiver, Shovel, Probe training.  This forms part of an ongoing study by Glenmore Lodge.  Our findings can be downloaded from our Industry Research Papers page.


Glenmore Lodge Youtube Skills Videos

Learn about avalanches through our 2 skills videos.  These will give you a taster for the courses that are on offer.


Avalanche Planner Tool

Click here to download a copy of the group avalanche training tool.  As used in Avalanche awareness courses.


mwis-logoMountain Weather Information Service

The MWIS reports are available online and will help you understand recent weather patterns to help you build up a more accurate picture of the weather, helping to influence a safer route choice. More info at www.mwis.org.uk.

Avalanche Awareness Quiz

SpotChecks in Avalanche Awareness is a free computer based quiz aimed at everyone who goes into the hills in winter. It will confirm that you know your stuff, or let you know the areas in which you should do more thinking. It was created by Malcolm Seddon of CAST Education and Ian Sherrington of Glenmore Lodge, with the support of The Catherine Smith Memorial Trust.

The quiz focuses on knowing which slopes or routes carry the greatest risk of avalanche in certain weather conditions and helps you to develop alternative route choices and strategies to minimise the risk to you and your group.  Click here for more information and to download the quiz.


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