A long-term partnership based on a shared passion for sustainable adventure, and safe, responsible outdoor access for all.

Our partnership is founded on shared values and passion.

Since 2021, Rab and Lowe Alpine (owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd.) and Glenmore Lodge have developed a partnership based on our common values and a passion for enabling outdoor adventure.

With roots in the Scottish mountains and a strong mountaineering heritage, Rab are well placed to craft reliable, high-performing gear, while also sharing our commitment to promoting safe and responsible enjoyment of our natural places, and fostering an inclusive outdoor community.

Shaun Roberts, Principal at sportscotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre Glenmore Lodge, said:

“We look for a partnership that has shared values, and a joint commitment to promoting safe outdoor access for all. We will work together to facilitate learning about responsible recreation in our wild spaces.”

Testing Rab and Lowe Alpine gear against Scottish mountain conditions.

As a crucial part of the partnership, Rab and Lowe Alpine equip the Glenmore Lodge guides, instructors and staff with technical clothing and packs to keep them safe and protected in the challenging and unpredictable weather of the Scottish Highlands.

Built with the highest quality materials and innovative technologies, their gear provides the protection and functionality our staff need to negotiate the Cairngorms’ unique conditions.

The partnership also provides an invaluable opportunity for Glenmore Lodge guides and instructors to support the development of Rab and Lowe Alpine designs, by providing regular feedback as they put the kit through rigorous real-world testing.

Rab and Lowe Alpine’s hardwearing, protective gear can be found in the Glenmore Lodge stores, ready for you to borrow or try out before buying your own.