What Sustainability Means To Us

Glenmore Lodge Environmental & Social Responsibility Approach 

A shared passion for the outdoors and appreciation of the natural world has been integral to Glenmore Lodge since its founding in 1948. In a context where we’re becoming increasingly aware of the urgent need to address the challenges facing our world, Glenmore Lodge is committed to continually seeking ways to improve our operations to make them more efficient and sustainable for the planet, the people who make up the communities we’re a part of. 

This commitment is underpinned by the purpose we have been fulfilling for over 70 years. As an organisation that exists to encourage and support people to be active in the outdoors, we have a responsibility to protect the natural environment and to minimise our impact on it. We want to see a healthy and thriving natural world that is appreciated and enjoyed by diverse communities of people for generations to come. 

Sustainability means being mindful about the wider and long-term impacts of our decisions. Whether we’re looking at the venues our courses take place in, the type of paper in the office printer, how we minimise food waste from the kitchens, or the light bulbs in our classrooms. Becoming more sustainable means we’re seeking and adopting better ways to look after and support the planet, our local community, and the community of people who participate in the outdoors every day, in order to continue fulfilling our purpose and goals as an organisation.  

Learning is integral to Glenmore Lodge. People come here to discover new skills and develop their knowledge, and as an organisation we always want to be looking for ways to do things better, whether they’re big or small changes. Making Glenmore Lodge more sustainable is a journey that will involve a lot of learning and problem solving as we try to find workable solutions for the range of challenges we’re facing. Though we’re unlikely to get things right every time, we want to be transparent and take responsibility for our impact. As we look towards goals as far into the future as 2045, it’s important that we don’t take progress for granted and instead develop specific and targeted plans for how we’re going to achieve in this area.  

With a large-scale challenge like climate change, everyone has a part to play. As we figure out how best to do our bit, we want to learn from and engage with others who are also working towards ensuring we can continue to access and enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. We hope to continue sharing our progress with you, and that you’ll support us on this journey.  

Thank you, 

The Glenmore Lodge Team