Nancy Chambers

Nancy ChambersQualifications

MIC, Level 5 Open, BASI

Career Highlights

I’ve always really enjoyed the journey that has led me to gain some of the qualifications that I hold, each one has pushed me in different directions and challenged me at different points.  The journey does not stop on gaining them, I now really enjoy helping others challenge and develop on their travels towards their own goals.  I have particularly enjoyed helping develop the IML and canoe courses.

Favourite Destination

You can’t beat the mountains, rivers and coastlines around Scotland, we have a wonderful diversity of places to visit, various weather patterns to enjoy and wildlife and plants to see.  Abroad, Canada has to be top of my canoeing list alongside many Scandinavian countries.  In the mountains I have enjoyed climbing, mountaineering and trekking in so many parts of the world that I would be hard pushed to place one above the other.

Favourite Piece of Kit

My canoes, I am very lucky in that I have a few: a We-no-nah prospector 16’ for family adventures; a We-no-nah Wilderness for solo missions away from the family – it is so light I can chuck it round on my shoulders and it makes portaging a dream on my own; and my old faithful Mad River Intrigue which is a true workhorse and has battered down many more river systems than your average canoe.

3 Things I Always Pack

First Aid Kit, Group Shelter and Clothes to keep me warm and dry.

What Inspires You?

I love reading and hearing about other peoples’ adventures, there are so many amazing stories to be listened to.  For myself I enjoy maps and can spend hours pouring over them checking out a new route or looking for additional things to spot when I am out adventuring.

What’s next on your bucket list?

For myself at the moment I have 2 young children and am enjoying introducing them to the outdoors, so much of my personal time is spent exploring Scotland with them and playing with all the toys that I use at work.  I dream of getting away and doing many trips and have a number of canoe trips planned abroad that are just waiting for time and money.

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