FREE Training Opportunities

As part of a number of our assessment courses students are required to teach real people. That’s where you come in as a mock student.  The training and use of equipment is FREE all you have to do is cover any travel, food and accommodation costs.  Most of the courses are based from Glenmore Lodge though our Sea and Surf courses are based away.

If you are interested then please complete the relevant application form and return it to Kirsty Murfitt

Mountain Instructor Award (MIC)

For this course you will receive two days of training out in the mountains. You must be able to attend both these days. Applicants should be able to second Grade 2 winter climbs (easy snow gullies). If you lead Grade 3 you are too experienced to be an MIC client.

Mountain Instructor Award (MIA)

For this course you will receive two days of training, one in climbing and one long day out on the mountain walking/scrambling. You must be available for both these days and have a reasonable level of mountain fitness. You will be taught climbing at a level appropriate to your skills however if you are currently leading very severe or are an SPA holder then you are too experienced.

UKMBLS Level 3 (Mountain Bike)

You should be an enthusiastic mountain biker fit enough to ride 30km in a day on off-road tracks and trails. You should be able to ride red graded trails and keen to explore new trails. Ideally you should have your own kit but we may be able to help.


We run a large number of courses for which we require different levels of experience in different disciplines. Here on the website you will find a list of dates to give you an idea of when these courses take place however the application form does not have dates; instead we will look at your experience and only contact you if your experience matches a course that we would require you for.

Beginner Level

There are 4 courses at this level. The BCU Level II Kayak or Canoe and Level 1 Transfer requires no previous experience. The UKCC Level II requires a day or two in canoe or kayak on flat water.

Intermediate Level

There are a large number of courses at this level in 4 different disciplines. For the  Level III Inland or Open Canoe, Moderate Water and the Four White Water or Open Canoe you will need 1 or 2 days experience on rivers.

On the sea kayak side we have the Level III & Moderate water and the Four Star in Sea. You need to have had some river or sea experience up to force 3 conditions.

On the surf side we have the Moderate water & Four Star in surf. You need to have previous experience of surf or some river experience. The day will take place on up to 3 foot surf.

Advanced Level

At this level we require people for the Five Star in all disciplines and also for the Level 5 in all disciplines. Some of these courses would require you to be available on 2 consecutive days. For White Water you need to have regular experience on rivers and be comfortable on grade 3 & 4 water. For Sea Kayak you need to have regular experience on the sea and be comfortable up to Force 5 and or tidal waters. For Surf you need to have regular experience on a variety of breaks with surf over 4 feet.

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