Customer Care

We value your custom and welcome comments and suggestions for improving our service. If you have any comments on the level of service you have received please email us

We endeavour to:

  • be professional, efficient, courteous and accountable in all that we do.
  • provide value for money while aiming to maximise income.
  • keep staff and customers regularly informed of our services and performance.
  • involve staff and customers actively in the decision-making process.

We will:

  • Send a confirmation letter and joining instructions within five days of receipt of booking.
  • Abide by our booking policy and procedures.
  • Ensure rooms are ready prior to your arrival.
  • Ensure rooms are checked once a day, basins cleaned, bins emptied and tea/coffee replenished.
  • Whenever possible, make arrangements in terms of access, accommodation and instruction for those with special needs, provided we know in advance of the visit.
  • Ensure a vegetarian choice is always available from our catering service.
  • Repair minor damage to rooms and facilities within one day of being identified.
  • Acknowledge complaints within five days of receipt.
  • Respond to complaints quickly and fairly and aim to resolve them fully within 21 days.

Inclusion of the Less Physically Able

We are fully committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of the Centre programme.  We will attempt to minimise the difficulties and help overcome the barriers that current and potential Centre users may face.  We continue to develop the site to improve accessibility.  We are committed to a barrier-free model centre in the longer term.

The nature of the Glenmore Lodge programme is such that risk and physical challenge are an intrinsic element and are issues of importance we are, however, committed to a fully inclusive programme and when appropriate schedules and sessions will be adapted to suit individual needs. If this is not possible for safety reasons, special programmes can be arranged. In exceptional circumstances alternative specialist agencies will be identified.

If we are unable to meet any of the above standards, we will offer a full explanation; explain who is dealing with the situation and when it will be dealt with.

Safety at Glenmore Lodge

We place great emphasis on safety throughout our programme by employing the most experienced and professional instructors and by using only the highest quality equipment.

However, the activities we teach are hazardous by their nature and you must accept a certain element of risk with your chosen course. Parents and guardians must also recognise a degree of risk before signing the form for their children.

To ensure everyone’s safety as far as possible, we reserve the right to transfer participants to other activities if we believe they are likely to put themselves or others at unacceptable risk. It is very important that you choose the right course to suit your experience, abilities and physical fitness.

If you have any doubts about your suitability for a course, please call us. Also, if you have any health condition that you think may be relevant, please let us know, in confidence, either by letter or on the booking form.

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