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Work Safety courses at Glenmore Lodge

Using our unparalleled knowledge of hostile working environments, we have designed several training modules based on our long experience of working with the emergency services and industry.  We have designed the below ‘Pick and Mix’ modules to design the perfect course to support your staff and organisation, allowing safe and efficient working within the outdoor environment.

Please contact Glenmore Lodge direct and speak with our experienced Events Team to design the course that meets your agencies needs.  [email protected] or 01479 861 256.


Workplace Navigation

Site Access (half day)

When basic navigation skills are required to negotiate tracks and paths

  • Introduction to practical use of the map
  • Introduction to basic use of compass
  • Introduction to basic use of GPS (obtain position)

Remote Site (full day)

When navigation skills are required to negotiate open moorland and rural areas

  • Practical use of map & compass
  • GPS (track, waypoint & download)
  • Applied navigation tactics
  • Calculating journey times
  • Common hazard evaluation & avoidance

Upland and Mountain (full day)

When navigation skills are required to negotiate upland and mountain areas

  • Practical use of map, compass and GPS
  • Applied navigation tactics
  • Measuring ground covered – timing/pacing
  • Poor visibility navigation
  • Common hazard evaluation and avoidance

Workplace Safety

Winter & Cold Climates (half day)

When individuals may be required to deal with winter conditions in lowland areas

  • Common winter hazards
  • Understanding Hypothermia
  • Personal clothing & PPE
  • Basic avalanche awareness (as required)
  • Emergency winter shelters (as required)


Lone Working (half day)

When individuals need to be independent with activity planning and risk assessments

  • Preparation and planning
  • Interpreting the weather
  • Proactive and dynamic risk assessment
  • Late back procedures
  • Situational awareness
  • Technology – mobiles, beacons and distress GPS devices

Emergency Procedures (half day)

Practical training for dealing with an incident and how to request help

  • Basic incident management
  • Improvising shelter
  • Long-term use of vehicles as shelter
  • Requesting assistance
  • Understanding Mountain and Coastal Rescue Services

Workplace Water

Water Hazard Awareness (half day)

When awareness of water hazards are required for good risk assessments

  • Understanding the force of water
  • Understanding how terrain and weather influence ‘run off’
  • Recognition of common hazards
  • Planning safe routes
  • Vehicles and fording rivers

For certified water safety courses visit Rescue 3 Europe for the list of what is on offer and providers in Scotland.


Workplace Rope Access & Restraint

If your workplace environment requires either roped access, positioning or restraint it is important that you understand how to work within the regulations which govern this area activity.  At Glenmore Lodge our expertise in rope work and steep access is centred on the sporting activities of climbing and mountaineering which do not fall under the HSE Working at Height Regulations  .  If you are working or deploying staff within environments where a fall from height is possible, it is important that you understand your responsibility to comply with HSE guidance and we would therefore refer any such enquiry to expertise within this field.  Our contacts are specialists in combining remote settings and Work at Height Regulations.






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