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The National Orienteering Centre is located at Glenmore Lodge


Orienteering is an adventure sport requiring accurate navigation and fast running, and is a great way of learning and improving navigation skills. People of all ages enjoy orienteering in a variety of environments; around Glenmore we have wonderful forests where you can do everything – learn the basics and explore the area, or practise the most advanced skills.

We also provide a range of exciting and enjoyable courses for people wishing to teach or coach orienteering at a variety of levels. All of the courses are highly practical and give participants lots of ideas and a useful set of resources for use in their own sessions.

Examples of courses we run:

  • Teaching Orienteering courses (1 day)

Popular with teachers and youth leaders; no prior knowledge required

  • UKCC Levels 1-3 Award courses in Coaching Orienteering (2-3 days)

Leads to formal qualifications

  • Personal skills weekends


  • Coaching for school groups and/or teachers (2 hours upwards)

On site in Glenmore, or at your location

  • Other courses include Creative Coach CPD (relevant for coaches of many sports), and Young Leader Awards.

Please see the Scottish Orienteering Association website for the full course schedule or phone 01479 861374 to discuss your requirements.

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