Meeting Room Overview

Glenmore Lodge can offer a variety of meeting rooms for any type of event.  We have seven rooms ranging from an 80 seater Lecture Theatre to Ryvoan room which can accommodate a maximum of 10.  Each room has it own unique features.

Lecture Theatre Ciste Ciste/Common Cairngorm MacDui Morlich Ryvoan
Tiered Seating 80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Theatre n/a 40 60 20 30 20 10
Classroom n/a 14 24 14 12 16 n/a
Boardroom n/a  18  40 18 18  12  8
U shape n/a  16  n/a  n/a  10  n/a
Smartboards  –  Yes  –  Yes  Yes  –  –
Natural Light No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes yes
Wireless Internet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes yes

Smartboard Technology is available in three of our rooms. You are able to import your power point presentation to the smartboard programme and then add pages or text to the original.  This can then be emailed out the attendee, meaning they don’t need to take endless note or loss the information on flip charts.

Wireless Internet: please note due to our remote setting out internet access is limited and therefore may not be at the standard you are used to.


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