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Women in Adventure Sport

Qualification Level - 1 day | Prices from £50.00

Women in Adventure Sport Conference

Supporting and enabling female participants, coaches and leaders – A sharing of experiences, knowledge and ideas.

Conference presentations 2017:

WIAS opening chat (Nancy Chambers)

Lara Cooper IntrodSupportive Climate (Justine Allen)


Supportive Climate (Justine Allen)

Mentoring (Justine Allen)

Mentoring being mentored (Zoe Newsam)

MIA Mentoring (Nicola Jasieniecka)

Supportive Mentoring – (Nicola & Zoe)


To download the 2016 Women in Adventure Sport conference report, please click below:

2016 Women in Adventure Sport Conference Report


To download presentations from 2016’s course, please click below:

Opening Talk by Nancy Chambers

Justine Allen presentation part 1

Justine Allen presentation part 2

Presentation by Erin Bastian

Lee Craigie Presentation


Dates & Prices

Cost (with accommodation): £75.00
Cost (no accommodation): £50.00

Is It For Me?

Outline descriptors of proposed keynote sessions:


Where are we at? – Current thinking to support women in adventure sport.

This opening session is aimed as a general update of the current landscape regarding what is happening, current research and general statistics to have a big picture idea of trends. A brief overview of the findings from the previous WIAS conference can be included. From this the ethos of the conference will be explored, introducing the theory and thinking behind an agency or communion approach in adventure sport participation.

A supportive environment that promotes successful experiences for women in adventure sports.

It has been identified that the climate created whilst participating, or the anticipated climate if considering participating, is a key enabler or potential disenabler when it comes to women’s participation. To maximise participation and enable successful outcomes creating an appropriately supportive climate in which to learn and perform is key. This session will explore ‘what’ this supportive climate is and ‘what’ it looks like.

How we create a supportive climate as coaches and leaders

Having established ‘what’ a supportive climate is this session will explore ‘how’ we go about creating it. It will combine theory, research and practical experience to look at practical ways coaches and leaders can ensure those around them feel appropriately supported.

Mentoring – supporting others to succeed

It has been identified in many sports that having an appropriate mentor has a huge influence on coach and leader development. Within women coaches and leaders appropriate role models is key to supporting and initiating an ‘I can do that’ approach, and following on from this mentors to support in achieving goals is a vital ingredient to success. This session is all about exploring what mentoring is, the impact it has, how we can all be a mentor and what we need to do. It will be delivered in three parts:

Part 1 – Some background theory to get us thinking

The session will start with an ‘expert’ speaker presenting what mentoring is, the impact it has and some key areas for consideration for it to be successful.

Part 2 – Reflections from the real world

This session will involve two coaches/leaders/facilitators to share their stories of being mentored and/or mentoring others – highlighting what it meant to them and the challenges along the way. This will link directly to some key areas highlighted in part 1 to start to ‘bring them to life’.

Part 3 – Facilitated break out sessions

Conference presenters will facilitate small group discussion based workshops for further sharing of experiences and recommendations regards how we can all be a mentor and what we need to do. Again focusing on some of the key areas that have been highlighted.

Course Pre-Requisites

The conference is for male and female coaches and leaders.




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