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Trail Riding (5 days)

Improver Level - 5 days | Prices from £545.00

Please watch the Video Edit in the blue tab above to give you an idea of the terrain used in these courses…

This is an essential course to provide you with the foundations on which to build an exciting future on a mountain bike. You will learn the fundamental elements of controlling your bike with the key goal of gaining flow when out riding.

The aim is that you will go away with all the skills to exude confidence in your riding, on natural and man made trails up to around red grade. The five day course gives you plenty of time and terrain to develop and bed in new skills on a wide variety of trails.

Glenmore Lodge has an on-site mountain bike training circuit and we will use elements of this as well the use of video feedback to review and improve your skills. We will also make use of the world class local trails both natural and manmade to give you a stunning playground to develop your riding.



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Dates & Prices

Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00
Cost (with accommodation): £670.00
Cost (no accommodation): £545.00

Is It For Me?

Please watch the Video Edit in the blue tab above to get an idea of the terrain used in these courses…

This course is all about gaining the core skills to lay the foundation for a lifetime of Mountain Biking. We do this through a mixture of coaching sessions and riding some of Scotland’s finest trails.

This 5 day course is suitable for anyone looking to ride trails off-road, in style and with confidence.

It is common that we ride about 20km per day on a variety of trails.

The level of this course is great preparation to get you riding at the standard for your UK Mountain Bike Leader Level 2 Award.


Course Aims

This is a fun course that aims to maximise your enjoyment out on the trails. If you are having fun your riding will improve!

We aim to equip you with the skills to head out to your local trails and not just survive them but ride with flow whilst having a blast with your friends.


Course Content

Under the watchful eyes of our experienced and enthusiastic coaches you will learn how to ride modern bikes on a variety of trails.

Fundamental Elements of the course include:

  • The ready positon – purposeful poised positioning to deal with whatever’s ahead.
  • Cornering – eliminate that feeling of being dragged towards the edge of the trail.
  • Braking – the how’s and why’s and when’s. Learn how to add control with your brakes, not take it away.
  • Flow – Learn to deal with common trail features that threaten the flow in your ride.
  • Manuals – getting your front wheel airborne can unlock so many trails and can also get you up a kerb!
  • Climbing – Let’s figure out how to arrive at the top having enjoyed the process!


What Will I Need?

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To get the most out of your course it is important to be comfortable in your gear and with your equipment. Therefore, it is always best to have your own and have used it before coming along on a course. This isn’t essential however.

We have a limited range on offer and may not be able to supply a bike for you. If you cannot bring your own bike for the course then please get in touch asap so that we can work with you to find the perfect solution.

If you ride normally ride with SPD pedals then consider riding with flats. This will help you gain confidence whilst practising new skills on the bike. We can supply the flat pedals if you bring along a pair of flat soled trainers.
Below is a simple kit list to help you come along prepared for the course.


Listed here are the essentials; this is not an exhaustive list.
Should you be missing something then the items below in bold are also available in stores if needs be. Items marked *** are available in our shop to buy – subject to availability.

Bike – Call us if you don’t have one in advance of the course, 01479 861 256
• Small bike lights front and rear – not essential for the Summer months but great to have in Spring and Autumn.
Small Biking Day pack – 25L max
Eye wear
• Thin woolly hat or Buff for under helmet ***
Gloves – thin, full finger cycling gloves are perfect
• Warmer Cycle friendly Full finger Gloves – just in case its cold
Cycle specific Waterproof jacket and shorts
• Padded cycling Shorts – there really are worth it for comfort!
• Outer Baggy Cycling Shorts
• Thin fleece or similar
• Full leg covering – for cold days e.g. cycle tights or cycling leg warmers
• Warm outdoor wear
• Insulating layers – a variety of base layers are useful to control your temperature
• Small personal first aid kit
• Drink system – hydration pack / water bottle***
• Spare inner tube x2 for your bike***
• Spare Brake pads x2 for your bike (see video for help here)
• Spare Rear Gear Mechanism hanger for your bike – (see video for help here) or call your local bike shop for advice
• Emergency survival bag ***
• Whistle
• Personal toiletries & medications (towels are provided)***
• Suncream – you just never know! ***
• An alarm clock
Glenmore Lodge also has a small pool, gym & climbing wall – so don’t forget your swimming/gym/climbing kit!

We have Laundry facilities here and a fantastic drying room so there is always the option to wash stuff as you go.

Remember the price is all inclusive if you book the residential option.

We want all of our customers to know what their course will cost, up front and in the open. Accommodation on the night before and the nights during your course, pick up from the train station (Friday and Sunday evenings only), breakfast, lunch, cake break and dinner are all included.

All transportation on the course, the use of the centre’s facilities & any equipment you borrow are also part of the package.

If you do book a non-residential option the lunch and afternoon tea and cake is still provided.

Course Pre-Requisites

Please watch the Video Edit in the blue tab above to get an idea of the terrain used in these courses…

This 5 day course is the perfect intro to the correct techniques and skills needed to ride off road on tracks and trails. So, a desire to ride through beautiful scenery and develop your own ability is really the key pre-requisite.


Course Videos

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