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Next Level Trad Climbing

Improver Level - 3 days | Prices from £525.00

Taking your Trad climbing into the realms of big adventures. Multi pitches, Sea cliffs and Big mountain crags. You will Learn the mysterious tricks that allow you to move safely and smartly for the big adventures you are craving. The perfect course if you aspire to climb adventurous multi- pitch climbs.

A sample of key areas of focus-

  • Route finding & interpreting the guidebook
  • Safe ropework & Stance management on multi-pitch climbs
  • Correct equipment choice
  • Retreating / escaping from a climb

Our safe rescue and gain a grade courses are both complimentry to this course.

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Dates & Prices

Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00
Cost (with accommodation): £600.00
Cost (no accommodation): £525.00

Is It For Me?

Is It For Me?

This course is run on a one instructor to two participants ratio (1:2) allowing your instructor to ‘fine tune’ the week to meet participants personal aims and pitch it at a level appropriate to each individual’s stage of development.

Course Aims

The main focus of this three day course is on developing a confident and competent approach to leading multi pitch rock climbs. We will also up skill you with techniques of self- rescue and retreating from a climb. We aim to run the majority of the course outside with all the climbing action taking place on real rock.

The program is flexible, with your instructor basing the week around the topics below, taking into account individual needs and aims, weather etc.

Course Content

Meeting your instructor on the first morning provides an opportunity to discuss your experience and aspirations enabling the instructor to plan the program around the main topics to be covered. These are:

  • Re-cap on core rock climbing skills such as movement on rock and belaying both leader and second (including holding falls and lowering).
  • Tying into multi – point anchors both in reach and out of reach using the rope alone.
  • Recap using rock climbing protection equipment such as nuts, hexes and camming devices and assessing the efficacy of the placements.
  • Setting up and using a retrievable abseil, including protecting yourself on an abseil using an auto block
  • Stance management on multi-pitch climbs – creating belays, organizing ropes etc.
  • Setting up and using a retrievable abseil, including protecting yourself on an abseil using an auto block, to escape from a multi – pitch climb.

What Will I Need?

What Will I Need?

Glenmore Lodge has a large and very comprehensive store of up to date clothing and equipment. You are welcome to use your own equipment and pick and choose odd items from the store. Your instructor will want to check that personal equipment is appropriate for the activity.

If you are thinking about buying equipment but are not too sure what to get we would advise you to come and try our equipment and then make your purchases after the course. We have a range of most equipment items you can try during the course and there is advice on hand from other students as well as the staff.


  • Waterproof jackets and trousers
  • Rock shoes
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Rucksack
  • All emergency group kit including ropes.


Listed here are the essentials, this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Informal clothing for leisure wear
  • Warm outdoor wear
  • Insulating layers – at least one mid weight and one warm fleece layer
  • General trekking trousers are recommended, not jeans though.
  • Socks
  • Spare fleece/insulated jacket
  • Hat & gloves
  • Map information – we encourage everyone on mountain courses to have a map covering the Northern Cairngorms.
  • Rucksack liner (or sturdy bin liner) / dry bags
  • Vacuum Flask & Water Bottle ***
  • Box or bag for packed lunch.
  • Blister kit/ small first aid kit
  • Personal toiletries & medications (towels are provided)
  • Suncream – you just never know! ***
  • Spare towel
  • An alarm clock

Glenmore Lodge also has a pool, gym & climbing wall – so don’t forget your swimming/gym/climbing kit!


Items marked *** are available in our shop subject to availability.

Remember the price is all inclusive

Course Pre-Requisites

This course is for experienced climbers who are comfortable leading up to Severe or above single pitch climbs.

Lead climbing is an inherently risk activity. Even with the best supervision by our experienced instructors there is still the risk of falling and associated injury. All participants should be aware of and be accepting of this inherent risk.

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