Trainee Outdoor Jobs at Glenmore Lodge


Glenmore Lodge runs two annual training schemes aimed at providing opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the outdoors. These are the Outdoor Trainee Scheme (OTS) and the Instructor Development Scheme (IDS).

Due to the sheer volume of requests we receive worldwide, we are unable to offer work placements, trainee or voluntary work roles for outdoor instruction purposes other than these two schemes.  If you are interested in applying for one of the 2 training schemes, please read the information below and keep in touch with our job opportunities page of the website.


This runs from April to April and involves domestic duties in return for training towards the first rung of the NGB ladder of qualifications. It is targeted at people who have some depth of experience of outdoor sports and who are keen to start an instructional career. Experience is important but outdoor qualifications are not required.  Adverts generally appear around the start of the year with a start date of early April. A small salary, courses, accommodation and some meals are included.


This scheme also runs from April to April and involves a range of support duties for the centre in return for a more targeted training scheme for the middle and upper tiers of the NGB qualification ladders. Applicants need to hold 3 NGB awards across mountaineering, paddle sport and mountain biking disciplines, of which ML summer should be one.

Adverts generally appear July to September although the start date is also early April. A small salary, courses, accommodation and meals are included.

University Dissertations and Surveys

We can receive a large number of requests from university students not only for placements but also for help with surveys and interviews for under graduate degree work. Glenmore Lodge has limited resources to contribute to these, staff delivering NGB courses already have a considerable amount of paperwork which is often completed after their working day on the hill or water and unfortunately we are unlikely to be able to respond to these requests.

Masters or PhD dissertations, where appropriate to our core work, may be considered on a case by case basis. We do have some ideas of topics that could help us and the sector as a whole should anyone be undertaking further education at this level. Please get in touch if you are struggling for ideas.

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