Pyranha LogoPyranha is not just another canoe and kayak company. In 1976, a small group of British paddlers collected a trailer load of cutting edge fibreglass boats from our factory in England, loaded a few more on the roof of their van, drove them 7500 miles to Mount Everest and paddled them down the first descent of the Dudh Kosi. Since then, we’ve stayed at the cutting edge of white water paddling. We’ve built a global group of paddlers like the team at Glenmore Lodge. Their feedback helps shape our boats. We’ve supported numerous world class expeditions. We’ve won a host of accolades for our leading designs but most importantly, we’ve researched, tested, prototyped and developed our boats year on year to make sure that you get the most out of your day on the river.

We’re still primarily run by kayakers, which means we’re run for kayakers. We’re not owned by a holding company so we don’t have to bow to a non-paddling board of directors: our bottom line’s the same as your bottom line, which is having fun on the water!

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