Andy Townsend

Head of  Skiing Courses at Glenmore Lodge

Andy Townsend



Career Highlights

Qualifying as an IFMGA Mountain Guide. Climbing the North Face of Les Doites, skiing the Glacier de Rond on the Aiguille de Midi and obviously coming to work at Glenmore Lodge!

Favourite Destination

Lofoten Islands, Norway. The best rock climbing in the world, really nice people and lots of fish and we had our honeymoon there!

Favourite Piece of Kit

All of it………… I’m a bit of a gear freak.

3 Things I Always Pack

Sunglasses, Sun cream and a Sense of Humour.

What Inspires You

Jan, Ffion, Harry, Italian coffee, Leonardo Di Vinci, Mum and Dad, Victor Papanek, Oscar Eckenstein, Gaston Rebuaffat, Le Corbusier, Charles Evans, Mark Rothko, Yves Detry, Joe Brown, Ingrid Backstrom, Jackson Pollock, Tom Patey, Valpolicella, Yvon Chouinard, Richard Rogers, Heinrich Harrer, Pete Boardman, Mick Hardwick, Gogarth, Bridget Reilly, Andy Goldsworhty, Armand Charlet, Caravaggio, Albert Mummery, Anselme Baud, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Robin Smith, James McHaffie, W. H. Murray,  Francois Damilano, Ron Kauk, Ernest Shackleton, Doug Coombs, Pete Livesey …………..

What’s next on your bucket list?

Too many to list, but skiing in Lyngen, Norway or Chile would be nice.

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