Al Gilmour

Head of Mountain Biking at Glenmore Lodge

Al GilmourQualifications


Career Highlights

Work wise: my first week’s work at an adventure centre for kids, my first customers of my own, my first work here at Glenmore Lodge as a freelancer, achieving a full time post here and becoming head of Mountain Biking. Working in Nepal both mountaineering and mountain biking also rates highly. Oh and completing the Great Divide, Banff in Canada to Mexico!

Activity wise: discovering scrambling as a way to get to the tops of mountains, my first lead, definitely my first winter climb, biking in New Zealand, biking throughout Scotland, riding the Tour Divide and pretty much anything winter.

Favourite Destination

There’s a difficult one…. given only one option then probably the NW of Scotland.

Favourite Piece of Kit

The bike I’m riding – a Lapierre Spicy.

3 Things I Always Pack

A camera, too much junk and unfortunately normally waterproofs!

What Inspires You?

Exploring new areas.

What’s next on your bucket list?

Not sure, maybe riding to the top of Norway or crossing Siberia on a bike.

Student Comments


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