Kate Duffus

Kate DuffusQualifications

Level 5 Sea Coach

Career Highlights

Paddling to white sandy beaches, camping, watching the sun go down as  otters feed along the shore, sharing this environment with other enthusiasts.

Favourite Destination

Shetland, it’s impossible to be more than 3 miles from the sea

Favourite Piece of Kit

My Cetus LV

3 Things I Always Pack

A small FM/LW radio so that I never have to miss the Archers, fresh coffee and real milk, toilet paper

What Inspires You?

Otters, puffins, seals, dolphins, porpoises, guillemots, razorbills, gannets, sea eagles, basking sharks, whales, deer, jellyfish, golden eagles…

What’s next on your bucket list?

Another trip to Orkney and Shetland

Student Comments


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