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Performance & Leadership courses at Glenmore Lodge

Performance awards – 2 & 3 star

The 2 Star award is a generic award which focuses on the basic paddling skills for canoeing and kayaking. It is also a pre-requisite for the UKCC Level 1 Coaching award. The 3 Star award can be accessed with or without the 2 Star and is a discipline specific award which is designed to show that the paddler can competently paddle in moderate water conditions. We offer the 3 Star award on White Water, Sea, Canoe, Surf and Touring.

Leadership awards – 4 & 5 star

These awards are discipline specific and focus on personal performance, safety and leadership in moderate and advanced water conditions. The paddler will be in a position to lead groups for their club, friends or within a centre. A specific safety course is also required prior to progressing on to the assessment for some of the awards. We offer both 4 and 5 Star in White Water, Sea, Canoe and Surf, including the specific safety courses. We also offer 4 star in Touring.

Performance & Leadership Reviews

A fantastic opportunity to develop paddling skills and brush up on rescue. Exceptionally high standard of training.
Tobias Leask BC 4 Star Leader Training - Open


Our instructor discussed our needs at the start of the week and concentrated on building our confidence.
We went to different locations that tested our skills and help us improve as paddlers.
Our instructor was amazing and I really enjoyed her coaching style.
Tobias Leask BC 3 Star Training, Assessment - Touring


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