Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Courses at Glenmore Lodge

Rescue 3 Europe Courses

Rescue 3 Europe produces and delivers state of the art technical rescue training courses.

More than 190,000 water, rope and boat Rescue 3 courses have been delivered in over 32 countries since 1979, to fire and rescue services, ambulance teams, mountain rescue teams, and commercial training and leisure activity providers.

Glenmore Lodge has long been a provider of Rescue 3 courses, currently offering Swiftwater and Flood training at First Responder and Technician levels.  Our mantra is ‘the wetter the wiser’ and we use our expert knowledge of water hydrology and local, natural venues to ensure an active scenario based experience.

For those involved in paddlesports we continue to recommend BCU & SCA water safety and rescue courses as these will provide the best boat based training expereince.

Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Courses