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Working with our highly experienced training partners, we offer the broadest range of First Aid and Medical course available

From basic emergency first aid to advanced wilderness medicine, from the local park to the world’s most remote settings, we have a course that suits your needs.

Our training partners offer a variety of world class courses and all have exceptional experience on which to draw.  Each provider offers some overlap in delivery and the following expresses ‘in our words’ some helpful notes to find the right course.  Please visit their individual websites to understand unique training experience that each offers.


Ideal for those requiring foundation to advanced first aid training; essential for all outdoor activists www.basp.org.uk

Wilderness Medical Training (WMT)

Ideal for individual explorers, trekkers and medical professionals heading for remote settings

WEMSI – International

Ideal for guides, rescue personal and medical professionals operating in hostile and remote settings

First Aid & Medical Reviews

Great course run by very good instructors, have done loads of these 2 day courses over the years to keep my outdoor qualifications valid but still learned some new stuff on this one.
Bryn Ellis BASP Emergency First Aid


Best 1st aid course I've done, and I've done loads!
John Smith BASP First Aid at Work Revalidation


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